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As any parent knows, taking the kids out to dinner can be a seemingly self-defeating exercise… Dinner at a fancy restaurant can be a challenge. Having the right dining situation can go a long way towards making your family dinner go more smoothly and be more enjoyable. You’ll want a spacious restaurant with plenty of seating, a patient staff, and approachable food. The less formal, the better! Luckily there are many child friendly restaurants in Cambridge to choose from. Here are some of our favourites! 

Visiting Cambridge for the day? Consider putting your unneeded items into storage before dining out to keep things simple. When you drop everything off at a Cambridge luggage storage location, you can focus on the food, not the suitcases. Now on to our favourite family-friendly restaurants in Cambridge: 


child friendly restaurants in Cambridge
Image courtesy of Aromi

This Sicilian café has three locations throughout Cambridge. Aromi creates a casual, inviting atmosphere for students, commuters, and families looking for a casual but delicious meal. In typical Italian fashion, just about everything is homemade, from their superb focaccia to their famous pizza dough (which is baked to perfection in a wood-burning oven). It’s perfect for group dining, and Aromi’s flatbreads feature a mix of approachable and creative toppings. 

While these savoury Italian specialties are all incredible, the desserts set Aromi apart from other options. Tiramisu for mom and dad is a given, but familiar options like hot chocolate, which is potentially life-saving if the kids get stuck out in the typically cold and rainy English weather. On summer days, their homemade gelato is as popular a sweet treat as any in Cambridge.


Fitzbilliesbest food in Cambridge


The stylish bakery is an old favourite but has exploded in popularity in recent years. With locations throughout Cambridge, you can always rely on Fitzbillies for a cup of coffee and a Chelsea bun. This syrupy, doughy creation is one of the most iconic English pastries and absolutely a can’t-miss dish if you’re planning a trip to Cambridge. They’ve even used the traditional Chelsea bun as a template for even more sugary creations like their famous French toast. Their afternoon tea is also fabulous and they have something to please the whole family. 

Herbie’s American Diner 

child friendly food


Kids will love Herbies! Sometimes, you just need something familiar to satisfy their cravings. If you’ve been dragging the little ones to traditional British pubs and have gotten some pushback, take them to Herbie’s American Diner for a taste of home. The inexpensive kids’ meals will satisfy their need for a cheeseburger and fries while helping your travel budget. It doesn’t hurt that some of the best classic American food in Cambridge is served here, and the atmosphere (complete with red booths and a jukebox) will scratch the nostalgia itch. 


There’s hardly a kid on the planet who would say no to some mac and cheese or French fries is there? Smokeworks is a casual BBQ joint and is a comfortable, no-frills place with amazing ribs and wings and an extensive bourbon and American-style craft beer menu for the adults! The burgers are delicious and they have a good range of veggie food too. The restaurant is fun and lively, and children will enjoy the table buzzers! 


Jack’s GelatoGelato in Cambridge

Ok, so not a restaurant but a not to miss! Ice cream is a failsafe no parent wants to rely on, but sometimes you just need to entice them with a scoop or two of this frozen confection. Gelato won’t be a new-fangled discovery for most international travellers, but this gelato is very special. With flavours running from classic chocolate to craziness like Barbados Rum, you’ll have plenty of options at Jack’s Gelato. The OG location on Benet Street is the most popular, and you should expect a line out the door during the summer. Absolutely worth the wait! Featured in our best Ice cream in Cambridge post. 


Red Lion at Grantchesterchild friendly

You must try a traditional English pub! The best spot for their introduction into this world has to be the Red Lion. This traditional pub, complete with a thatched roof and cosy interior, and offers an iconic experience. It’s also situated along the River Cam and makes for a lovely evening stroll to and from dinner. There’s ample space for a family to spread out, and the outdoor patio is perfect for enjoying the weather. The food is as approachable as you’ll find on traditional menus, especially any dish involving “chips.” The Red Lion is also dog friendly so take the absolute whole family with you! 



Italian food
Image courtesy of Tradizioni


Cambridge’s Tradizioni, combines the comforts of a family-run pizzeria with a stylish and bright interior. It is the ideal place to head for a low-key meal with the kids. This dependable menu features pasta, and desserts along with its traditional Neapolitan pizza. The friendly staff is well-prepared to accommodate tables with small children. It makes for a relaxed and delicious dining experience. Also featured in our best Italian restaurant post. 


Child friendly restaurants Cambridge  

We hope that you enjoy one or more of these family friendly places to eat. There are many more places to choose from- see our ultimate Cambridge restaurant guide for loads more ideas.