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Sandwich in CAMBRIDGE

5 Places for the Best Brunch in Cambridge

Brunch- a meal eaten in the late morning that is a combination of breakfast and lunch. I love a good brunch! Cambridge has many excellent places bridging the gap between breakfast and lunch so you will have plenty of choice. Here are our favourite places for the best brunch in Cambridge. Scott’s All Day: Mill …

street food Cambridge

The 10 Best Food Trucks Cambridge

There are excellent food trucks in Cambridge where you can find some delicious street food. You can find these street food vans by checking their websites for their weekly venues. You can also find some of them at the Cambridge Food Park on the market, or at the brilliant Thirsty, where some of these providers …

doughnuts in Cambridge

Where to Get the Best Doughnuts in Cambridge

Attention doughnut lovers! Here are the places where you will find the tastiest, most delicious flavoured doughnuts in Cambridge. Whether it is a classic jam filled, ring, or a feature flavour- here are our favourite places. Crosstown: 1, 3 Station Rd, Cambridge CB1 2JB There are oodles of interesting flavours and plenty of vegan choice …

best bars in Cambridge

The 10 Best Bars in Cambridge

What makes a bar a bar, and a pub a pub? Whatever your definition, there are many excellent Cambridge pubs to visit and catch up with friends over a quality drink. Here, we have categorised bars as somewhere where you can grab a classy cocktail alongside a tasty pint and maybe even some snacks. Here …

best places to eat in Cambridge

Must Visit Places to Eat in Cambridge 2022

Cambridge is a city offering a wide range of wonderful places to eat including Michelin starred and recommended independent restaurants. Here is our compilation of the best places to eat in Cambridge. Importantly, all of these restaurants use quality produce to create their classic and innovative dishes. Restaurant 22: 22 Chesterton Rd, Cambridge CB4 3AX …

main course Vanderlyle Cambridge

Marvellous Mill Road Restaurants

Mill road is probably the most vibrant and culturally rich area of Cambridge. Here you will find diverse deli’s, supermarkets and wonderful independent restaurants offering food to suit every want and taste. Above all the food at these places is absolutely delicious! Here are our top choices of the Mill Road restaurants. Vanderlyle: 38 Mill …