car parking hacks

When you go to an airport, you see not only aeroplanes taking off and landing but also countless cars coming and going. Why do so many people choose to use their own car for arriving at and departing from the airport? Because it provides them with privacy, flexibility, and comfort compared to taking an overcrowded bus or spending too much money on a taxi ride. And the best part is that there are simple steps that everyone can take to master the art of airport parking savings. You can do that as well by simply implementing the following hacks.

Hack 1: Start Searching Early


The sooner you start looking for the ideal car space for you, the lower the rates you’ll find and the best offer you’ll end up booking. Why does this happen? Because the demand has not started rising yet for car park owners to raise prices. Of course, this isn’t very helpful for people who go on spontaneous trips, but do continue reading.

Hack 2: Find the Right Car Park for You

No matter when you start looking for a car space, you should know exactly what you’re looking for. You should think about your needs and wants and, based on them, secure the right car park business for you. The businesses that are based at the airport prioritise effortless and time-saving parking, putting them on the costlier side compared to those off-site, which have cheaper rates and offer shuttle transfers. Additionally, you should pay attention to special short or long stay prices, depending on your needs. You can view the best available airport parking deals for all kinds of needs on, with details and ratings. You also save time in this way as you have all the available options gathered in one place.

Hack 3: Keep Track of Your Favourite Car Park’s Online Activity

track parking

A true parking prodigy keeps note of the airport businesses that they’ve been satisfied with so they can keep going back to them for a consistently pleasant parking experience. You can take this to another level by following the specific businesses’ websites and social media accounts. Why should you do that? Because you’ll know when they come out with promotional codes or special discounts and can take advantage of them for your own airport parking savings. To be more specific, besides following them on social media, you can subscribe to their newsletter or create an account on their site so that you can receive email notifications for free.

Hack 4: Read Online Reviews

Say that you’ve found an airport car park that meets your needs. Before you book a space, do a quick research to check that they are truly as great as they present themselves to be. Read online reviews you can trust and continue with your booking only if you are convinced that you’re paying a company that cares for its customers.


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