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All year people tend to wait for specific occasions so that they may spend time with family and friends and convert it into a lifelong memory. The gift of time via bank holidays mark some of these occasions. While the core of some celebration might be the same, there are many traditions specific to the place. If you are wondering about the traditions followed in Cambridge, you’ve come to the right place! On to festive traditions in Cambridge.

Cambridge is a place of very lively people. They are very fond of get-togethers and don’t miss any opportunity to celebrate. Festivals are celebrated with great energy and willingness, but many other events are also greeted with the same passion.

Festive Rituals

Like many other places, people living in Cambridge love celebrating Christmas. It is a time of family gathering, time with friends and to show appreciation for those we love. Many families visit church to remember the meaning of Christmas. Christmas dinner is hugely popular and gifts are exchanged. Children enjoy waiting for Father Christmas to visit to deliver them. Leaving a mince pie for his arrival is a fun family event. New year’s holidays merge with Christmas, giving more time to relish this time and have fun. There as so many reasons to live in Cambridge, and it is more assessible than ever with so many distance work in Cambridge opportunities.

As far as Easter is concerned, celebrations start with some dedicated church services, including music, flower decorations, lighting candles, and ringing the church bells. Furthermore, Easter egg hunts are held in back gardens, where people exchange chocolate Easter eggs and Easter bunnies. Another well-liked activity is egg rolling, in which participants roll painted hard-boiled eggs against one another, and the winner is the one whose egg stays whole. These fun activities make it more joyous.

Other Engaging Eventsfestivals in Cambridge

You visit many other fun festivals in Cambridge related to food, music, wellness, and many more. Enjoy a family folk festival which is a great opportunity to have fun with your loved ones. It has the significance of being the longest-running folk festival around the world. Being the oldest one makes it prestigious. People come to Cambridge from outside to join it and become a part of it to enjoy themselves.

If you are a music lover, you will love the Rock Music Festival. The duration of this event goes to four days. However, thanks to the festival’s on-site camping options, you can spend a whole weekend there. Great music, lovely people, and an amazing atmosphere make your night worth visiting.

A St. Mary’s Flower Festival also takes place in the summer, which is the perfect time to appreciate nature. What better way to do that than by taking in some of the best flower arrangements the nation offers?

See our festival calendar for more.


Peculiar Traditions Of Cambridge

Cambridge punting
image courtesy of Cambridge Punt Company

There are many activities you can witness in Cambridge. How about touring along river cam on a punt. You shouldn’t miss this traditional Cambridge activity when spending some quality time here. You may also enjoy a unique boat race. In which boats are made of cards. Usually, Cambridge City students come together at a particular time and celebrate it, called “Suicide Sunday.” Cambridge is a city of academia with the university at the fore-front, and many excellent colleges, schools and summer schools in Cambridge.

As the core of the English language and education is associated with Cambridge. Therefore, winter is a span of holidays that can become the best time to explore the heritage in the old buildings of Cambridge. More than 30 such locations are worth visiting, and you may wish to make it in your photo collection. Whilst many tourists visit Cambridge, many of the university students choose to leave their student accommodation and explore elsewhere during the university holidays. If you are seeing off a family member, you may choose to bid farewell with these travelling presents to see them on their way.

Many engaging traditions are associated with them. one of the most highlighted tradition is that when you start attending college, the students sign a college book. Every student who has attended a college has signed the book there. Some pupils are fortunate enough to do the same as renowned ones, such as Emma Thompson, Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton, and others.

According to the university, enrolled students are permitted to attend any lectures in any degree course. This implies that nothing keeps you from attending your friend’s and your own classes unless the lecture hall is completely occupied.

Festive traditions in Cambridge

All year long, Cambridge has a fantastic selection of festivals and events- you are sure to have plenty of things to do. We hope that you enjoy all of the festive traditions in Cambridge and all that this wonderful city has to offer. Do you know of any festive traditions in Cambridge? Let us know if the comments below.