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tea rooms in Cambridge

The 5 Tastiest Tea Rooms in Cambridge

Whether you are looking for tea and cake or a full afternoon tea, you will find excellent quality and choice in Cambridge. Varying from a traditional tea experience, to something with a modern twist, these quality places all offer a wide range of quality loose leaf teas and couple them with delicious food. Here are …


Dog Friendly Pubs in Cambridge

What makes a good dog friendly pub or restaurant? I always think it is a place that makes you feel welcome and relaxed enough to enjoy your time there. Dog friendly as opposed to dog tolerant. Here are our favourite dog friendly pubs in Cambridge, where you can kick-back and take in some wonderful food …


Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Mothers Day is the perfect excuse to say thank you and I love you to the hardworking and amazing mum’s of the world. Those that selfishly love and care for the people around them, giving their thoughts and time to making their loved ones feel safe, secure and cared for. I love the opportunity to …