roasting your own coffee

Cambridge is home to some wonderful coffee shops. But have you have ever wondered, how it is like to be a coffee roaster yourself? It is possible! Once you have coffee roasting equipment and green coffee beans, you can start learning new skills. Roasting your own coffee is a wonderful experience because you can control every stage of the roasting process. But is it really worth your effort and time?

Getting the kit: coffee

The most important thing that you need is obviously a small or medium-sized coffee roasting machine, and a bag of green coffee beans. This is the base for any coffee roastery. If you are a coffee geek, you probably know some theory. However, even with a lack of knowledge and experience, you can start roasting your own coffee. Before you buy a stack of books about roast profiles, types of flavour notes etc. start with choosing the optimal coffee roasting machine. There are plenty of different brands and devices on the market, which makes the choice even more difficult. What is the best solution? It would be the best, if you bought a coffee roaster machine that can deliver up to 1000 g of coffee per batch. Preparing such an amount of coffee will save your time and energy.

A good machine, not only for beginners, is Aillio Bullet R1 V2. This coffee roasting machine is great due to many reasons. The first thing that may concern you, is probably the price. Coffee roasting equipment is known to be quite pricey, but it should be understandable.  Because this machine was made of only high quality materials, it works unexceptionably. You can choose the amount of coffee to roast between 100 and 1000g. The flexibility is important for every coffee roaster, same as efficiency. Besides that, this machine is simply good-looking.

Selecting a coffee roasting machine is one thing, but don’t forget about finding a green coffee beans retailer. Thanks to many internet sources, there is no such a big problem to find an online shop where you can order desired amounts of coffee. If you have never come in contact with green coffee beans, please keep in mind that they will shrink during the roasting process. You should then double the amount of green coffee beans. For example, if you want to have 800g of roasted coffee, buy 1kg bag of green coffee beans.

Roasting your coffee – how long does it take?coffee in Cambridge

You may think that roasting process takes a long time and effort. But the truth is that if you have a professional roasting machine, it is quite simple. If you are not going to roast a couple of kilograms of coffee per batch, it should take more or less 30 minutes. You don’t need to worry about the temperature measurements – the machine controls every stage of the whole process. It is easy to burn coffee beans, if you would do it in the oven. Each batch would taste different, and you would have struggles with keeping the same consistency. Thanks to the advanced technology in modern coffee roasting machine, the machine will do all the work.

Where to buy reliable equipment?coffee

There are thousands of products available in online shops. However, the same type of certain tool can represent completely different quality, or offer more functions. Nobody wants to lose their money. To spend your savings well, you should make a list of every item you need, including your desired coffee roasting machine. Professional shops offer not only that, but also many useful tools. If you are searching for, for example, Aillio Bullet R1 roaster for sale, you can click the following link: You will find there a detailed description, and more specific information about this coffee roaster machine. You can also check other accessories from Aillio (you will find it here: There are chaff filters, cooling box filters etc. Once you get everything from your list, you can start your coffee roasting journey!


We hope that this helps you get started on becoming a roaster yourself. Get some delicious cakes to go with your coffee from one of the Cambridge bakeries. What could be better!