funeral directors in Cambridge

Losing a loved one is devastating. You are overwhelmed by grief, and thinking about making funeral arrangements is the last thing on your mind. This is where pre-planning comes in to take that weight off your shoulders.  Pre-planning is the process of making all the necessary arrangements for your funeral in advance. Although it sounds a bit morbid thinking about arranging a funeral, when the time comes, it is a big help that everything is pre-arranged, and you don’t have to take care of anything but are allowed to grieve.

If you think it is a challenging task to plan a funeral, it is always advisable to talk to a funeral director. They arrange everything according to your wishes, be it the type of casket, flower arrangements, or favourite songs to be played at the service. A funeral director will always know what is supposed to be done and advise you accordingly. If you are based in Cambridge, Fenix Funeral provides experienced funeral directors who can help you with everything needed to sort out the funeral. funeral

Are there any special traditions or customs associated with Cambridge funerals?

Cambridge funerals have some unique and special traditions and customs. For example, the funeral procession will stop at each of the colleges of the university along the route to the cemetery. This is done so that the students and staff of each college can pay their respects to the deceased when the cortege passes. Another tradition is that a bell will be rung during the funeral procession. This is done to notify the people of Cambridge that a funeral is taking place and remembering the life of the person who’s passed.

Lastly, it is customary for the family of the deceased to make a donation to one of the colleges in Cambridge in memory of their loved one. This enables funding scholarships for bright young people to study at this famous university as well as upgrading teaching facilities to remain up-to-date. And more importantly, it creates a loving memory for the grieving friends and families of the deceased.

How much do these funerals in Cambridge typically cost?

The cost of a funeral in Cambridge will vary depending on a number of factors. It doesn’t matter if you’re pre-planning a funeral or if you have to see to the arrangements when the time comes. Funerals are a highly personal matter. Whatever you choose, costs vary depending on the type of funeral service you choose, the location of the funeral, the number of people attending, and any special requests you may have.

That being said, the average cost of a funeral in Cambridge is typically between £3,000 and £5,000, with cremations usually cheaper than a burial.funeral directors in Cambridge

What are the most common types of funerals in Cambridge?

There are a few different types of funerals that are common in Cambridge. One is a traditional funeral, which is usually held at a church or funeral home. This type of funeral typically includes a visitation period, followed by a service and then a burial.

Another common type of funeral in Cambridge is a cremation. This type of funeral does not include a burial, but instead, the body is cremated, and the ashes are either scattered or kept by the family to be kept or buried in the cemetery at a later date.

Finally, there are green funerals, which are becoming more and more popular in Cambridge. Green funerals focus on eco-friendly practices, such as using sustainable materials for the casket or shroud and avoiding chemicals during the cremation process.

When it comes to funeral planning, although never easy, it’s important to be prepared and know what you want. Using the professional services of the funeral directors in Cambridge can help ease the load.