Once you can buy all those amazing Christmas decorations and accessories again while planning your Christmas day menu, it isn’t only about the way you spend time with your family and friends. Your working environment also becomes fuelled by this energy, which means it is high time for a Christmas office party in Cambridge!

It is crucial to make this occasion unique and interesting, especially if you act as coordinator, host or close to this role. That’s when checking work Christmas party ideas comes in handy, helping you spread the holiday spirit and celebrate your team’s and company’s accomplishments. Here are some ideas of how to organise the all important office Christmas party with a magical and unforgettable touch. 

Capturing Exciting Memories with a Photo Booth

Without a doubt, the Christmas party is the perfect backdrop to having fun and sharing unique and lovely experiences with your co-workers. No matter what activities you decide to do, taking pictures is a good way to ensure everyone will have memory tokens to appreciate. You can hire a professional photo booth in the UK and ensure its adjustability and customizability. This way, it will become a second-to-none booster of your party’s theme and mood. Alternatively, designate an office photographer! 

A Gourmet Adventure on Wheels: Street Food VanWandering Yak

Homemade meals you have to prepare and bring to the office may sound like a good idea in theory. However, people don’t want to add more burden to this joyful yet demanding gift-giving and party-preparation occasion. From this perspective, deciding on a sort of catering service is a lifesaver. Given how divergent your colleagues’ tastes can be, you have to find a solution that caters to anyone’s palette without difficulty.

Why not invite your co-workers on a gourmet adventure? Just imagine how great it is to convert the space into a lively street food market where customers may sample a variety of meals and cuisines from any part of the world. This idea isn’t likely to become tacky and outdated. On the contrary, it helps you add more excitement to the event and soothe the mood in unexpected emergency cases — gourmet food and drinks do make things better. Cambridge is home to some wonderful street food providers who may be able to help with this! 

Cocktail Workshop

It doesn’t matter if someone likes non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks — masterclasses on preparing and serving delicious beverages are something to unite any taste and mind. With the help of professional mixologists or bartenders (depending on how elevated plan you hope for), you can truly boost your party and enjoy sipping DIY drinks.

cocktail bars in Cambridge

At the same time, it can become an exciting cultural and gastronomic journey, letting you know more about mixing techniques, varied garnishes, and different types of spirits. Such an engaging experience assures a dynamic and thrilling atmosphere. It also teaches your guests a new talent to become their hack and trick for further parties they might have in the future. Get some Cambridge Gin involved! 

Creating Personalized and Stunning Souvenirs

DIY shouldn’t relate to making gifts only. By hiring an expert caricaturist, you open an amazing book of craftsmanship, humour, and entertainment. You don’t need to be a brilliant artist to be fully involved in the process and discuss comical images of your co-workers, bringing a lively and customized flavour to the event.

You are mistaken if you think your colleagues don’t know you well. Crafting a caricature picture is about catching nuanced details about your attitude, behaviour, and lifestyle. This way, you will be able to create deeper friendship bonds with one another.

Christmas Party

Magic Shows

Your plan of activities doesn’t have to involve only direct engagement of the party’s guests. With a magician performance at your Christmas celebration, you can let your colleagues relax and forget about their office routine and soon-to-be finalised projects. It is the best moment to feel like a kid again and be amazed by unimaginable tricks and illusions, professionally performed by a magician.

Happy Christmas!

Don’t hesitate to incorporate these inventive ideas to make the Christmas office celebration more engaging and thrilling than ever before, ensuring everyone enjoys the season to the fullest extent possible. Whether independently or combined, these activities are welcome in bringing more enchantment and fellowship to the party. Solving puzzles, viewing magic shows, and mixing bizarre drinks, to mention a few, are definitely uniting and entertaining. Turn this year’s Christmas celebration at your office into something magical!