Cambridge, known for its historical significance and serene landscapes. It offers the perfect inspiration backdrop for a grand outdoor soirée.  Whether it’s the sprawling gardens of centuries-old colleges or the charm of riverside picnics, the essence of Cambridge is quintessentially outdoorsy. Here is how to channel that same charm and elegance to your garden Cambridge party, with a playful twist of games and entertainment that resonate with Cambridge’s joyful spirit.

Setting the Scene: Cambridge Elegance Meets Garden Bliss

Choosing the right venue for your Garden Gala is pivotal. It’s not just about space but also about creating an environment that encapsulates the spirit of Cambridge (not talking about gin!) and the essence of an outdoor celebration. You can hold your party at home or out and about. Here are some of the benefits of each of these options. 

Embracing Your Private Garden

Entertaining at home has the following benefits:

Personal Touch: If you have a garden, it automatically adds a personal touch to the event. Your guests will feel more at home, and the environment will be more intimate.

Customization: With your garden, you have the freedom to set everything up as per your preference without any restrictions. From lighting to seating arrangements, everything can be tailor-made.

Cost-Effective: Hosting the event in your garden can be more budget-friendly as you won’t incur rental charges. Any costs can then be channelled into décor or things to do in Cambridge

Exploring Local Gardens and Parks

Here are some benefits of hosting out and about in your local Cambridge area:

Historical Significance: Cambridge boasts of several historic gardens and parks that add an old-world charm to any event. Consider places with historical backgrounds, like botanical gardens or college-owned green spaces.

Diverse Flora: Renting a local garden ensures a wide variety of plants and flowers. This can be particularly enchanting during spring or summer when most plants are in full bloom.

Facilities & Amenities: Some local gardens might offer additional facilities like gazebos, toilets, and even catering services. This can significantly reduce the logistical burden on the host.

Essential Features for the Ideal Venue

What do you need to consider when choosing a venue? Here are some of the qualities you need to consider:

Mature Trees: Large, mature trees not only provide ample shade for guests but also enhance the visual appeal of the setting. They can be decorated with lanterns or fairy lights for a mesmerizing evening effect.

Blossoming Flowers: A garden brimming with colourful flowers elevates the mood instantly. They can be instrumental in setting a theme for your gala. For instance, a rose garden could inspire a ‘Rose Soirée.’

Water Features: Whether it’s a tranquil pond with lilies or a bubbling fountain amidst a rock garden, water features add a sense of calm and elegance. They can also be a focal point for guest gatherings or photo opportunities.

Including the Local Delicacies

What to eat:best food in Cambridge

Here are some Cambridge specific foods that you simply must include in your celebration:

Chelsea Buns: These sweet, sticky rolls, rich with dried fruit and spices, are a must-have at any Cambridge event. They are best served warm, allowing guests to savour their softness and rich flavour. Head to Fitzbillies for the best the city has to offer! While you are there, get some Fitzbillies’ Cakes: A long-standing tradition, these cakes have been a favourite since 1920. Incorporating them into your menu gives a nod to the city’s deep-rooted culinary heritage.

Cambridge Burnt Cream: A dessert similar to crème brûlée, but with a uniquely Cambridge twist. This rich, creamy delight topped with a crispy caramelized sugar layer is bound to be a hit.

Grantchester Tea Orchard Scones: Inspired by the famous Grantchester Meadows, serve traditional English scones paired with clotted cream and local jams for an afternoon tea touch.

What to drink:gin Cambridge

Pimm’s Cocktails: A quintessential British summer drink, Pimm’s No. 1 is a gin-based potion served with fresh fruit, mint, and a splash of lemonade. It’s a refreshing cocktail that embodies the spirit of an English garden party.

Traditional Teas: No Cambridge gala would be complete without an assortment of teas. From Earl Grey to Darjeeling, ensure there’s a variety to suit everyone’s taste. Consider including herbal infusions like camomile or peppermint for a caffeine-free option.

Local Ales: Cambridge boasts a rich brewing tradition. Serving local ales not only provides a robust flavour option but also celebrates the city’s brewing heritage. Consider beers from local breweries, and perhaps even a craft cider for variety.

Gin: Cambridge Gin is wonderful!

Elderflower Fizz: A delightful non-alcoholic option, this drink combines elderflower cordial, sparkling water, and fresh lemon slices. It’s crisp, refreshing, and perfect for a summer gala.

In crafting a Cambridge-styled menu, it’s not just about the food and drinks but also the story they tell and the traditions they uphold. Your guests will not only be satiated but also enriched with the cultural and culinary essence of Cambridge.


The Cambridge Party “Most Likely To” GameChristmas Party

A party isn’t complete without games! Why not play a “Most Likely To” game, here’s how you can infuse it with some Cambridge charm:

Dress Code Theme: Invite guests to dress in Cambridge academic attire – think robes, scarves, and mortarboards. This sets the mood for the game and makes it more authentic.

Cambridge-Themed Questions: Customize your “Most Likely To” prompts to fit the setting. Examples include:

  • Who’s most likely to punt down the River Cam without capsizing?
  • Who’s most likely to start a spontaneous rendition of the Cambridge University anthem?

There are plenty more of these, and if interested, you can visit PsyCatGames for the list of 250 ideas. 

Croquet: A nod to classic British garden parties, croquet is both fun and fitting for the ambiance.

Blindfolded Herb Guess: Using Cambridge’s array of aromatic herbs, blindfold guests and let them guess the herb by scent alone.

Trivia: Organize a Cambridge-themed trivia round. Questions could range from the university’s history to famous alumni.

Taking care of your guests

Rooms in Cambridge
Image of superior chalet room – courtesy of Rectory Farm Hotel

Offer your guests a choice of places to stay, whether they are needing budget or luxury. Here are our recommendations of places to stay in Cambridge.


Final Touches: Music & Memories

Cambridge has its rich musical heritage, so consider having a string quartet or even an acoustic guitarist to serenade your guests- or a recording of one! As a parting gift, consider giving guests a sachet of dried lavender or rose petals to remember the beautiful day by. It’s all about balancing the region’s rich heritage and traditions with the beauty of the outdoors. Add to that a sprinkle of playful games, and you’re sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.


We hope that you enjoy your Cambridge party!