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Ah, Cambridge! A city steeped in history, academia, and idyllic landscapes. When visitors visit Cambridge, they often feel the timeless charm that comes with its centuries-old colleges and riverbanks. There are many great places to stay in Cambridge, from hotels, to rental homes. For travellers looking for a a cosy and intimate experience away from the hustle and bustle of large hotels, rentals or the bed and breakfast experience in Cambridge offers peace and tranquillity. Here we look at the cosiest options – home rental and B&B’s!


Opting for a rental house:

In the last decade, the travel industry has seen a remarkable shift. More and more tourists are leaning away from the traditional hotel model and gravitating towards home rentals.  Platforms like Airbnb, Vacation Home Rents, Vrbo, and Booking.com have seen a surge in users listing and booking private homes for their vacations. Renting a home often means you’re immersing yourself in a local’s world. It offers flexibility and the chance to ‘please yourself’ with eating times by self catering.

Space and Amenities

Rentals typically offer more space than a hotel room, making them ideal for families or large groups. Plus, the addition of kitchens, private yards, and sometimes even pools or hot tubs can enhance the holiday experience. They also offer the option to really unwind and lounge- in your PJ’s! 


Especially when traveling in groups, renting an entire home can be more economical than booking multiple hotel rooms. This makes renting a house or space accessible to many more people. 


Choosing the Bed and Breakfasts of Cambridge

Bed and breakfasts, the unsung heroes of hospitality, beckon travellers with the promise of comfort and character- with the promise of being cared and catered for. Why choose the Cambridge B&B experience? The charm of staying at a B&B in Cambridge is often the historical touch it provides. The ‘home from home’ experience. 

Historical Edifices: 

Many of the B&B’s are nestled within heritage buildings. Whether it’s waking up under wooden beams or gazing out of leaded windows, the architecture alone can transport guests back in time. The interiors, often preserved or restored, showcase antique furniture, classic paintings, and other period artefacts that tell tales of yesteryears. Staying at a bed and breakfast in Cambridge means connecting on a personal level and getting to immerse yourself in the local life. Here are more reasons for taking the bed and breakfast option:

Cultural Integration:

It’s not just about the structure; it’s about living the Cambridge lifestyle. With libraries stocked with local authors or rooms named after famous personalities, guests get a true taste of the city’s culture. 

Local Insights: 

As many hosts are residents who’ve lived in Cambridge for generations, they offer a treasure trove of stories and secrets. From that serene spot by the river to the little-known local event, their recommendations often surpass mainstream guides. Some B&Bs might host events like wine tastings, book readings, or even local music nights, allowing guests to engage with the city’s vibrant culture. If they don’t offer these events themselves ,they will certainly recommend a place who does!

Home-like Comfort: 

These establishments prioritize comfort, offering cosy reading nooks, private gardens, or even fireplaces in some rooms, creating a homely ambiance.

The Breakfast:

Finally, but one of the biggest reasons to go B&B has to be the breakfast! More about this below.

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The all important B&B Breakfast

There is nothing quite like a B&B breakfast. The classic full English for a start! Some bed and breakfast in Cambridge have direct collaborations with local farmers and producers ensure that guests get the freshest of ingredients every morning. Certain B&Bs might have their unique specialties too, whether it’s honey from their beehives or homemade bread baked. Recognizing the importance of dietary needs, many establishments provide specialized menus for those with allergies, vegan or vegetarian preferences, or other specific requirements.


Some B&Bs take personalization a step further, offering guests the chance to chat with the cook and create their morning meal, ensuring a breakfast experience that is truly tailored. 

Tea Rituals: 

England’s tea tradition is legendary, and guests can relish this at B&Bs. From the choice of teas to the method of brewing and serving, it’s an experience in itself.

Evolving Traditions: While they embrace the old, many B&Bs also innovate, offering modern twists on classic dishes or introducing newer global breakfast trends, creating a blend of the old and new.


In essence, the breakfast experience at Cambridge’s B&Bs is about indulging the senses, understanding the region’s culinary history, and starting each day of the vacation on a delicious note. With its blend of history, personal touch, and culinary delights, Cambridge’s B&Bs offer an experience that lingers in memory long after the trip concludes.

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Cambridge, a city renowned for its prestigious university and architectural wonders, is also home to a plethora of charming bed and breakfasts. While the global trend leans towards vacation home rentals, the bed and breakfast in Cambridge experience provide a unique blend of home-like comfort and luxury amenities. It all comes down to whether you want to have the freedom of caring for yourself, or be looked after. Suit your individual needs! What is your preference? 

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