Hidden gems Cambridge

There are countless fascinating sites to see and thrilling things to do in Cambridge. There are portions of hidden gems in Cambridge that you never see. They include abandoned cemeteries and gorgeous old buildings. There are many attractions, stores, and pubs off the usual path even when you have already visited King’s College Chapel, the Backs, and the Corpus Clock. Here you will find helpful recommendations about things to do around Cambridge.


Researching hidden gems of Cambridge

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The 5 cool places in Cambridge: hidden views, parks, and cemeteries

Cambridge gems


You may have visited the major attractions but don’t worry, there are still a ton of lesser obscure and pleasant green spaces! Here are just a few:

 Mill Road Cemetery

The Mill Road cemetery is a beautiful location with dilapidated tombstones of significant figures from the city’s past that are well worth exploring.


Alexandra Gardens

For those who cross the river into Arbury, Alexandra Gardens offers the ideal quiet getaway.


Cherry Hinton Hall Park

Cherry Hinton Hall Park, a lovely area with a lake and a former bird sanctuary, situated to the southwest of the city.


Castle Hill

There is a little green area with beautiful city views just next to the building where Cambridgeshire County Council is located. The ancient Iron Age fort at Cambridge is located on a grassy mound on Castle Hill. Reach the place for a fantastic view.


Observation Point

The observatory facility at the Institute of Astronomy off Madingley Road is another fascinating spot to explore. The many telescopes on the property are accessible by foot. You can ‘visit’ the facility online during lockdown to participate in a variety of astronomy seminars and activities.


Visit pubs and enjoy delicious beverages

stay safe exploring Cambridge

One of Cambridge’s best features is the variety of fantastic pubs. There are many options, including quite a few hidden gems. Many city dwellers love the coy Free Press down Prospect Row. The tiniest bar in Cambridge, the St Radegund on King Street, is located closer to the centre.

A well-known tavern and wine and beer store called Thirsty is located in Chesterton across the river. Additionally, it manages the Thirsty Biergarten in the St. Giles’ Church grounds on Castle Street, directly across from Kettle’s Yard. Thirsty in Chesterton hosts some fabulous food trucks too so enjoy some great food with your drink.

Calverley’s Brewery, tucked away at the end of Hooper Street, is a popular secret drinking hole. Outside the taproom, food trucks frequently park up, and there is also plenty of outside seating in a courtyard.


Interesting culture and the arts

museums in Cambridge
Image courtesy of the Sedgewick Museum

Tiny doors

Many “dinky doors” that are barely big enough for a mouse to find are tucked away throughout the city. Why not go looking for them for an afternoon? Even Number 10 has a miniature copy in the city (only consider it).


On a bench

A youthful statue of the great biologist Charles Darwin sitting on a bench can be found hidden in the gardens of Christ’s College. While a student at Christ’s, Darwin discovered his love for the natural sciences.


Kettle’s Yard

In addition to being a house museum, Kettle’s Yard serves as a gallery space for contemporary art. H.S. Jim Ede, who served as a curator at the Tate Gallery in London during the 1920s and 1930s, formerly owned the home on Castle Street. Over the years, he developed a sizable art collection as a result of his friendships with artists and like-minded individuals.


Hidden gems of Cambridge

No matter what time of year you visit Cambridge, there are a ton of places to visit if you want to venture off the beaten path. People of all ages and interests should consider visiting Cambridge. This attractive and romantic city is well-liked by people all over the world. Its hidden attractions are unquestionably must-sees. Cambridge is an ideal location to appreciate all the hidden (and not-so-hidden) gems.