Ahoy-hoy, fellow traveler-ino! Are you primed, poised and raring to embark on a mind-altering weekend escapade, spiraling through the figurative vortex from Cambridge to London – i.e., the M11? This article will veer off the well-trodden path to offer a kaleidoscope of weekend amusement, concocted with just a hint of charm. Our journey, should you choose to take it, involves navigating a labyrinthine trip through London’s historic, artistic, and gastronomic oddities. There is plenty of choice for Budget friendly things to do in London too. Buckle up, buttercup, as we unravel the enigmatic tapestry that is a weekend in the British capital. Yet, before we can do that, we first have to discuss something else: transportation! Find great ideas for a night-time mind-altering weekend escapade here!


Depending on the specifics of your trip, which we can’t even pretend to know, you’ll likely need some quality transportation at the end, if you are planning to jet-off from the UK. If you are leaving via one of London’s many airports, booking an airport taxi to Stansted airport, Gatwick, Heathrow, or Luton, is your surefire way to safely get to the airport on time. By booking a private airport transfer, complete with child seats and bottled refreshments to whet your whistle with, you guarantee less time spent travelling, and more time spent enjoying your trip.

1. The British MuseumCambridge to London

Commence your magnificent sojourn with a rendezvous of epic proportions at the British Museum, a structure that appears to be the lovechild of a Greek temple and a time-traveling wardrobe. Its interior harbors a cacophonous congregation of relics spanning eons, where the Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies commune like distant relatives at an eccentric family reunion.

2. Tower of London

Next, traverse the space-time continuum to the Tower of London, an edifice that juggles identities like a thespian in a Shakespearean farce. This historic fortress has dabbled in monarchy, incarceration, wealth storage, and even raven wrangling. Hire an AtoB airport taxi and peer into the world of Crown Jewels and conspiratorial whispers as you contemplate the Tower’s ghostly secrets. London is like a history less of sorts, with historical echoes spanning back to before the days of Richard the third.

3. The ShardShard

Prepare to scale new heights, literally, as we ascend The Shard, London’s extraterrestrial glass monolith. From its celestial perch, London sprawls below, a tapestry of architectural dreams and aspirations. The city’s skyline becomes a surrealist painting, and you might find yourself contemplating life’s grand absurdities, especially so in this egg-shaped building.

4. Thames Tangos

After your skyward journey, ease into the rhythms of the Thames on a river cruise. Glide beneath the grand arches of Tower Bridge, whose steel tendrils reach out like the arms of a curious cephalopod. The river becomes your time-traveling vessel, narrating tales of past and present in a symphony of lapping waters. Sit back and relax at one of the many surrounding pubs – neck a few pints then move onward on your journey through the British capital.

5. Borough MarketBorough Market

When hunger finally beckons ye, book a Stansted airport transfer and saunter into Borough Market, a bazaar of edible curiosities where culinary dreams mingle like characters in a Lewis Carroll novel. Street food sizzles and crackles, cheeses whisper their gooey temptations, and exotic flavors fuse in a fusion of gastronomic alchemy that defies logic.

6. West End Theatrics

What’s a London weekend without a rendezvous at the West End? Reserve an AtoB airport transfer, drape yourself in theatrical anticipation and plunge into a world where Shakespearean ghosts and modern showstoppers engage in a spectral ballet of wit and whimsy. The fourth wall crumbles, and you find yourself dancing in the realms of imagination.

7. St. James’s Park

Awaken from your theatrical reverie with a stroll through St. James’s Park, a slice of green that defies urban logic. Swans, ducks, and a quirky squirrel or two accompany your wanderings as you sip the elixir of morning serenity.

8. Buckingham PalaceBuckingham Palace

From the park, wander to Buckingham Palace, the epicenter of royal pageantry and, one assumes, a robust collection of fancy hats. Witness the Changing of the Guard, a choreographed spectacle that makes you question the very nature of ceremonial formality. Try not to suggest a synchronized dance-off; it’s frowned upon.

9. Tate Modern

Art aficionados, hire an AtoB Stansted airport taxi and brace yourselves for the Tate Modern, a converted power station that defies the laws of artistic gravity. Abstract masterpieces jostle with contemporary provocations, inviting you to untangle the riddles of creative chaos and plunge into a whirlpool of aesthetic perplexity.

10. Covent Garden

Wrap up your weekend in London with a flourish at Covent Garden, a meandering extravaganza of buskers, boutiques, and blissful eateries. As you savor your meal, raise a toast to the charming absurdity of this unforgettable London weekend, a journey that defies the ordinary and reimagines the possible.


In summation, a weekend in London is an excursion through the looking glass, a surreal carnival of history, art, and gastronomy. From ancient enigmas to modern marvels, London’s charm lies in its ability to captivate and confound, leaving you spellbound and slightly disoriented. As Lewis Carroll might have mused, “London is curiouser and curiouser.” Embrace the eccentricity, book your AtoB airport transfer, and savor the absurdity; your whimsical London weekend awaits!