nightlife in Cambridge

With Christmas knocking around the corner, you know Cambridge will come alive. From the glittering lights along the Grafton Quarter to the stalls on Mill Road, the city is a sight to see around this time. But even as you are watching the Nutcracker at the Cambridge Corn Exchange or browsing Stapleford Granary’s Christmas Market, we are sure you are thinking of the inevitable New Year’s Party and considering the all important New Year’s party dress.

Your friends have invited you out, and you have accepted. Now you’re worried about just one thing, no, it’s not who to kiss when the clock strikes 12! No, it’s the question of your wardrobe. Typically, you would wear an uncomfortable dress that you’d trip on at least once during the night. How about forgoing all those difficulties this year and opting for a stylish yet comfortable option?

A low-heel mini dress combo is a duo you didn’t know you needed this festive season. Let’s face it, between the cold food and the inevitable arguments, bad dancing is the best thing about every New Year’s Party. Dressing up in an outfit with a long train or flappy skirt is thus an open invitation to being tripped – why go through this when a mini dress can help you avoid it?Cambridge in December

Just the Right Size

Well, mini dresses are appropriately sized, meaning with their length, you are not liable to any tripping. The fitted style furthermore improves mobility, which can be a great help during parties. And if you are worried about these dresses not being stylish enough, you needn’t be. From linen tie-ups to rouched-up designs, the variations on these are huge.

Gives you a Bold Look

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can even opt for a bold, all-sequins mini dress for your New Year’s outfit! Unlike a sleeved option, this design will not rub against your arms while dancing. The form-fitting structure and the short length of the mini dress are perfect for any New Year’s Party.

Great for Rooftop Parties

We love the Varsity rooftop bar. A mini dress would be just as appropriate even if your gathering is more family dinner and less a rooftop party. Depending on your occasion, you can choose from formal, smart, structured styles to flowy, streamlined dresses. Ribbed, satin-based, halter necked – no matter the design, the outfit is sure to be comfortable and stylish.

Works for Any New Year’s Party

Mini dresses are versatile, making them the perfect New Year’s party dress. Say you are heading for a stroll down Mill Road after your gathering; a formal, long-length dress would be wildly unsuitable among the crowds. However, you could easily switch between venues with minimal fuss with a mini dress. And you wouldn’t have to worry about looking underdressed either! PS – A low heel sandal or boot would be best if you plan to be on your feet the whole night. If not, you can go bold and opt for funky trainers.