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Being one of the oldest cities in the UK, Cambridge is probably the most romantic place in the world. For some, it will be enough to walk along the cobbled streets, while couples who like more active entertainment can enjoy theatres, bike rides, gin tastings, etc. From sightseeing on beautiful rooftops to dining at some of the area’s most romantic restaurants and surprising a partner with flower delivery services in UK, couples are sure to have an unforgettable time in Cambridge.

Book a Punting Tour Along the River

Cambridge punting
image courtesy of Cambridge Punt Company

The River Cam flows through the heart of Cambridge and is not only the lifeline of the city but also one of its most fascinating natural landmarks. The best way to see all of this is directly from the river. There are a lot of tours but the most romantic is punting tour. From the boat, you will be able to visit sections of the river between Bishops Mill and Jesus Lock, lined with the grand buildings of Cambridge University. And all of that with your loved one by your side, what could be better?

Catch a Show at Cambridge Arts Theatre

Cambridge Arts Theatre has a 666-seat auditorium and is located right in the city centre. The theatre often hosts touring productions as well as performances by local companies. This is a truly wonderful place to spend an evening in, and thanks to a large selection of performances, you are surer to find something to your liking.

Discover Cambridge Gin and Cambridge Gin Laboratorygin Cambridge

Italy might have wine but in Cambridge, you can taste gin to your heart’s content. Nothing is more exciting than being active and trying out, mixing, and experimenting with one of the most popular drinks in the world. It is very interesting getting to know a thousand unknown flavour variations in the process.

However, Cambridge Gin Laboratory offers not only a tasting experience, you can actually make your own gin. You’ll be surprised at the variety found in a distillate, like gin. You’ll take home insider tips and expert knowledge. You will learn everything about the origin and history of this fine specialty and experience the perfect way of tasting this noble drink.

This might not be a choice of many couples but some will certainly like it.

Enjoy Some Cocktails on the Varsity Hotel’s Rooftop

The Varsity Hotel’s elegant rooftop terrace offers a panoramic view, just like you might have seen in pictures. The whole evening will be even better when the view is combined with a classic British drink like Pimm’s (a gin-based fruit cocktail). The view from the top is a true change of perspective; at sunset, Cambridge will be revealed in a new light. This particular rooftop will ignite the love inside of you and make the evening truly romantic.

Tour the City on a BikeCambridge bikes

Cycling around Cambridge is probably the most beautiful way to get to know the city. There are a lot of routes you can take as well. All of them a different and open up new sides of the city. If you do not want a challenge and your goal is simply to see Cambridge, a bike tour along the river will be ideal. It mostly has paved paths and no special skill on a bike will be required from you.

Climb the Church of St Mary’s Tower

This church is one of the oldest in the UK, and you can climb up by a narrow ancient staircase to the very top of it. On the way, you can see the room with the bells, and from the observation deck, you will have a great view of the city, with a good view of the market square. It is a phenomenal panorama of the city that will leave both of you breathless, and not from the trip up the stairs.

Arrange an Afternoon Tea in One of Cambridge’s Popular Restaurantsafternoon tea in Cambridge

The British tradition of afternoon tea has a long and complicated history. You can celebrate this ritual, accompanied by scones, English sandwiches, and the finest patisserie at various places in Cambridge – from the luxury hotel to the English cafés.


  • What is There to Do in Cambridge for Couples?

Depends on your desires and goals. If you just want to see the city then you can join punting tour along the river and go sightseeing on bikes. If you want to bathe in culture then visit the Cambridge Arts Theatre.

  • Is Cambridge a Romantic City?

Definitely. It has all the couples might need: beautiful hotels, parks, and amazing restaurants with a breath-taking views.

  • Is Cambridge Nice for a Weekend Away?

No matter why you come to Cambridge, just to relax or visit all of the museums, you are sure to have fun at Cambridge. Here are some of the romantic places in which you can stay

  • What is the Most Romantic Place for Couples?

There are numerous gardens in Cambridge, and by visiting at least one of them you are sure to get into a romantic mood.