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Whether you’re looking for chills to be sent down your spine or simply looking for a chance to celebrate, Cambridge has something for you this Halloween. Here are the best places for  terrifying Halloween in Cambridge!


1. Zombie Fest – Day of the Dead

Cambridge is one of England’s most famous cities with many great attractions, and each October, different venues around the city embrace Halloween. This upcoming spooky season in Cambridge is set to feature an array of diverse events with everything from immersive zombie gatherings to sultry cabaret shows on offer.

The first event for this Halloween season that we’re going to highlight is the seventh rendition of Zombie Fest. This chilling celebration takes place at a new outdoor venue in the city called HI:CAMBRIDGE, located in Lakeview. Taking place on Saturday, 28th October, this year’s theme focuses on “Day of The Dead,” or as it’s better known, Mexico’s world-famous Dia De Los Muertos.

Zombie Fest has grown from its humble beginnings into one of Cambridge’s most anticipated Halloween events. It attracts thousands each year and promises to be even more thrilling in its seventh edition. Tickets start at £22.25 for twelve hours of spine-chilling fun, running from midday till midnight.

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2. Neon Moon Club Cirque

Next up, embrace the world of fantasy and horror at Neon Moon Club Cirque’s iconic Halloween Show, a standout event on Cambridge’s spooky calendar. Just like Zombie Fest, this event is on Saturday, October 28th, and tickets can be had starting from £20. Be sure to grab your tickets quickly, as this event has a reputation for being the sold-out party of the year.

Neon Moon has a strong legacy in staging spectacular events, and Halloween is no different. You can expect to begin your evening drinking cocktails while surrounded by eerie decorations, before transitioning into mesmerising cabaret performances that will keep you entertained till midnight.

The dress code is part of what makes this event so unique. Attendees can be found wearing everything from vintage to gothic to cyberpunk, adding to the surreal atmosphere. The organisers of the event say that their acts are not for the faint of heart, so come prepared.

3. Festival of the Dead: Cambridge

If you’re ready to get stuck into Halloween a few weeks earlier than the first two events, consider the Festival of the Dead: Cambridge. This event takes place on October 7 and now celebrating its fifth year, this is quickly becoming one of the best Halloween experiences in the UK. Book your tickets for as little as £34, and head to Corn Exchange Street at 9:00 pm sharp to get the festivities underway.

Over the years, the Festival of Dead has evolved into a truly unique celebration that combines elements of carnival processions and rock concerts. Its showstoppers include giant skeleton puppets that tower over attendees and electrifying guitar solos that will leave you awestruck.

The festival has also garnered significant media attention due to its innovative approach to celebrating Halloween. From first-time visitors to regulars who return year after year, testimonials consistently highlight how creative and captivating this event is.

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4. Revolution Horror Story

The next event on offer is perfect for those who are a fan of the popular TV series American Horror Story. Aptly named, Revolution Horror Story brings the series to life and takes place on Saturday, October 28, just like our first couple of events. Located centrally on Downing Street, Revolution Cambridge is easy to get to, and tickets for this event start from as low as £6.50.

The huge size of the venue will add to the eerie Halloween ambience of the night, with four stories that each offer a unique blend of terror and fun. Guests are encouraged to dress up as their favourite character from American Horror Story, sure to make the night even more special.

If this night leaves you wanting more scary experiences, consider one of the many ghastly ghost tours Cambridge has to offer. This is a good way to keep the neck-tingling feelings happening while learning about the city’s history at the same time.


5. Pumpkin Party Floristry Workshop

The next event is something a little bit different. As is mentioned in The A to Z of Halloween in Cambridge, pumpkins are very important to this date on the calendar. They’re the preferred base to carve out scary-looking jack-o-lanterns and are a key ingredient in Halloween decorations. So, why not learn how to take this to the next level?

For a fee of £85.00, you can get your hands dirty at the Pumpkin Party Floristry Workshop. This unique event is also held on Saturday, October 28th, but don’t worry, it doesn’t clash with the nighttime celebrations. It begins at 10:00 am, and this workshop will teach you everything about Halloween-themed floristry.

In addition to pumpkins, you’ll also learn how to carve out beautiful arrangements using flowers, autumn leaves, and even fruit. This is the perfect chance to get creative and learn some new skills that will be useful for Halloween decorations at home.

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6. Drag Bingo Evolution Cambridge

Rounding out the list is another unique offering, Drag Bingo Evolution. This is a recurring event that is embracing the spooky season for a Halloween-themed special on Thursday, October 26. Just like the American Horror Story party taking place a couple of days later, Revolution Cambridge is the venue for this event. The six games of bingo begin at 7:30 pm, and tickets are very affordable, starting from £18.

Drag Bingo Evolution is more than just an average game night. It aims to showcase amazing performances from some of the most talented drag artists in town, paired with thrilling rounds of bingo. There are even VIP offerings available for those looking to elevate the experience even further, but these tend to sell quickly, so make sure you don’t leave it too late.

Whether you want to get dressed up and hit the town or simply learn how to turn your own home into the perfect spot for trick-or-treaters, these events offer a nice mix of different ways to celebrate Halloween this year in Cambridge. Halloween is popular in the UK and continues to rise, so embrace and revel in the age-old tales and modern festivities this October. Here’s to an unforgettable Halloween adventure in Cambridge.