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Sometimes we just want sun, sand and sea! Cambridge to so accessible to travel from. The city station quickly links to London and therefore to the nearest airports of Stanstead and Luton. It is also pretty easy to reach Gatwick and Heathrow for flights. Some may enjoy the comfort of having their own overseas base, therefore purchasing a villa rather than holidaying in various spots. Here we look at purchasing in the destination of Alanya.


If you are considering investing in an overseas villa how about considering Alanya?  It offers a wide range of prices for resort housing, and attractive purchase conditions. Alanya coast apartments are famous for their high-quality construction, comfort, and affordable prices. Moreover, resort real estate is considered a reliable asset for savings and can bring a quick return on investment.


It is worth noting that until 2020, the tendency among foreigners to buy small housing on the Mediterranean coast prevailed. After the pandemic swept the world, the priorities of many citizens have changed dramatically. Having experienced all the “charms” of forced confinement during the lockdown, people began to value freedom of movement more. Consequently, the demand for private houses within their territory has increased dramatically.


Many foreigners have turned their eyes towards the Republic of Turkey, known for its hospitality, high standard of living, and affordable prices for food and real estate. Moreover, for investments in real estate in Alanya, foreign citizens can obtain a Turkish residence permit or citizenship of the country. The difference is only in the amount of investment. To obtain a residence permit, it is enough to buy a home of any value, and when buying a villa or several objects with a cadastral value of $ 250,000, a foreigner receives the right to apply for Turkish citizenship and apply for it within 4 months.


As you can see, the advantages of buying villas for sale in Alanya for expats are obvious. Not only can you walk in your garden at any time of the day and without any restrictions, but you can also get a residence permit or resident status, depending on the investment amount.

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Villas in Alanya


On the territory of the Republic of Turkey in cities such as Alanya, there are two types of accommodation for villas:

  • several cottages on the territory of one residential complex with a common area;
  • detached houses with their plot.


The villas in the complexes are characterized by such features as a closed territory, a 24/7 video surveillance system, and their infrastructure facilities: swimming pools, hammams, spa areas, and other amenities. Naturally, all this must be kept in proper cleanliness, for which the service company is responsible. Therefore, a monthly fee is charged for the maintenance of the complex which in 2023 is $500 per year, depending on the number of services provided.


As for detached houses, it is worth noting that they have a completely closed private territory, for the improvement and maintenance of which the owner himself is directly responsible. The owner of a private villa in Alanya independently decides who will take care of the plot. So, if the owner wants to save money, he can do the cleaning of the pool and other work personally. And if desired, he can entrust the task to specially trained people.


It is worth noting that luxurious, detached villas are often bought for large families and supporters of private property. If you want to buy a villa in Alanya to earn money from renting out, remember that the demand for rent for this type of property is less than for apartments. However, if we consider that luxury villas are usually rented by high-status clients or a group of tourists, we should also note the faster payback of objects.


Of course, many buyers are interested in the question - what determines the cost of a cottage in Alanya? The main factors that shape the final cost of villas are:

  • area and location of the cottage;
  • distance from the seashore;
  • species characteristics;
  • housing stock;
  • readiness stage.

Help with buying


To make a worthy purchase, it is advisable to seek help from licensed specialists. On the website of Turk.Estate, you can choose the object you like, contact the managers and view the real estate in real-time.